Australian Fiduciaries Limited ABN 22 601 228 844 (‘AFL’) is a Brisbane based, ASIC licensed (AFSL No. 465658), financial services firm that was established by a team of financial industry professionals to act as a trustee or responsible entity for innovative managed investment schemes, including highly diversified, multi-asset class investment strategies.


In its role as responsible entity of a registered managed investment scheme, AFL is responsible for ensuring that the Fund is operated in accordance with the Fund’s constitution, which has been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’). For each registered scheme, a compliance plan has also been lodged with ASIC and AFL has appointed an independent compliance committee to periodically review the adherence of each registered scheme to its compliance plan, which sets out the key processes, systems and structures that AFL will apply to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act, the Fund’s constitution and financial services laws. Each compliance plan is required to be audited annually and the audit report is lodged with ASIC.

To assist AFL in performing its duties as the responsible entity of each registered scheme, AFL has appointed a series of independent service providers, as follows:

  • an independent custodian to hold all Fund assets;
  • an independent fund administrator to perform fund accounting, valuations, administration and unitholder reporting; and
  • an auditor to audit the Fund’s financials and compliance plan.

 Further information on AFL and the service providers for each registered scheme can be found in the relevant Product Disclosure Document (PDS).

AFL may also, from time to time, act as the Trustee of unregistered managed investment schemes and where this is the case, details will be provided in the relevant offer document.